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Next Gran Turismo Sport Update Coming Next Week, Five New Cars And Possibly Rain


Gran Turismo Sport is set to receive another free content update, just in time before August ends. As most of the time is, this is teased by the man himself, series producer Kazunori Yamauchi.

Five new cars are teased, though most guesses lead to the impression that most of these will be Japanese cars from the ’90s.

Though GTPlanet has reported that one of the cars have been identified, as well as one new feature: rain.

A GTPlanet member spotted a new thumbnail for a refreshed Time Trial event coming on August 28th, which has been uploaded on the Gran Turismo site. The next Time Trial event will be set on a wet Red Bull Ring on a Honda S2000, the car yet to appear in the game and matched the silhouette from the tweet- the top right one.

Time Trials are new additions to the game from the last update. As the name implies, it’s a competition of players posting their fastest time on the online leaderboards, with some events, for the first time, allowing tuning and custom car setups.

This weekend will see the Gran Turismo World Tour event held in New York. The event fields the top GT Sport players around the world to compete in some exciting races. But for more casual fans, the events are exciting as they may be showcasing upcoming content yet to be released, like rain before this at the Nurburgring.

Source: GTPlanet

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