New Xbox One Features Coming In Windows 10 Anniversary Update

You read that right, the title implies that the Xbox One is considered a Windows 10 device, and Microsoft wants to believe it so. There will be a new huge update for all Windows devices as announced in the Build conference currently happening.  So let’s talk about what the new update means for Xbox One users.

Based on the report by VG 24/7, the new update will introduce background music streaming. Players on the PS4 can do so via Spotify for a while, but there has yet any specifics if this means streaming music from a local library of songs, or opting for a music streaming service. Cortana, Microsoft’s take of a digital assistant, who is named after Master Chief’s digital assistant (it’s a Halo reference), will make her arrival on the One. No details aside from the general idea that she will help you find new games and challenges, so stay tuned.

In another report by Eurogamer, the feature that was announced way back during the initial launch will now be available: all Xbox Ones can function as a development kit. To make games on consoles, you require a specific version of the console, generally called the as a dev kit or SDK. This is not available for most users, and can be pricy. So having in built-in is a fantastic feature that would introduce new developers, which will produce more games. Some may be sceptical that it will just produces more and more indie games, but it’s not that we have to play through each of it, is it?

As mentioned earlier, expect to see the Xbox One store and the Windows Store to be more unified after the update, with more games and apps cross-compatible to each platform. Also, it looks like the store will introduce bundles, pre-orders and season passes, making it at least more serious to be a platform contender with the likes of Steam and other PC games stores/launchers rather than the barebones state it is now.

All of these features are set to arrive ‘this summer’, which would probably mean somewhere around July.

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