New Wreckcreation Trailer Shows Co-Op Track Building, Car Customisation

Wreckcreation, the new racing game from Three Fields Entertainment and THQ Nordic, got a new trailer revealed at the THQ Nordic Showcase 2023.

The new trailer shows off the wild and wacky things you can plop with the track creator. From giant loop-the-loops to giant fans and other miscellaneous breakable props.

What’s more interesting is that you can create your creation together with up to three other players.

There is a bit of car customisation, but don’t expect much. You just change the car body, colour and the letters on the license plate.

Wreckcreation is from the devs of Burnout, and you can see glimpses of that arcade series here in the trailer. From the way the car handles to the menu where you do all the customisation. It’s a pop-up menu on the left side, where you can access while your vehicle is in the open world ala Burnout Paradise.

Wreckcreation continues to look like a Burnout-Trackmania mashup. Whether this turns out to be a beautiful masterpiece or a horrendous wreck remains to be seen. The game has no connection to Wreckfest, however. That’s the racing game and spiritual successor to Flat Out by Bugbear and also published by THQ Nordic.

Wreckcreation has no release window yet, but it’s coming to PS5, PC (Steam) and Xbox Series X|S.

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