New Visions Of Mana Trailer Shows New Characters, New Exploration Mechanics And Classes

A new trailer for Visions Of Mana, the upcoming new action-RPG from Square Enix, has dropped.

The short 1-minute trailer packs a lot of new gameplay elements.

First off is the new cast of characters revealed. Alongside protagonist Val is Hinna, the Aim of Fire from Tianeea who must complete the pilgrimage to the Tree Of Mana. Previously unnamed, Hinna will have Val be her soul guard to accompany her in the pilgrimage.

Alongside that are two new character reveals: Acreena and Morley. Careena is the Vale Of Wind and is accompanied by a sacred beast cub named Ramcoh. Careena hails from Longren. Morley. with his cat-like features, is from Etaern, the Moonlit Parish. He has a painful past that thanks to meeting Val and the party, he is able to confront.

Visions Of Mana has Elemental Vessels which can affect exploration as well as battles. During exploration, using an elemental vessel at a glowing trigger point allows you to do traversal moves.

For example, using the Vessel Of Wind, Sylphid Boomerang produces a gust of wind to allow you to jump higher of call in floating rocks to bridge a path across chasms.

Another example is when using Vessel Of The Moon, Luna Globe. When used at a trigger point, this will let you manipulate the flow of time, which can slow stop rapids or revert a wrecked area into its previous unwrecked form.

Elemental Vessels also change the classes of each character. Like in some Mana games (like Trials Of Mana), classes change the way each character dress, as you can see in the trailer. The different classes also brings new abilities and stats.

Here’s the revealed classes so far:

  • Val
    • Rune Knight (Sylphid Boomerang)
    • Aegis (Luna Globe)
  • Careena
    • Dancer (Sylphid Boomerang)
    • Moon Charterer (Luna Globe)
  • Morley
    • Nomad (Sylphid Boomerang)
    • Nightblade (Luna Globe)

Also, judging by the trailer, the party will consist of three characters.

Visions Of Mana will be the first new entry to the Mana series in 15 years. The series has been slowly revitalised with a slew of remakes, remasters and re-releases (up to Legend Of Mana). It will also be the first game in the series to grace the Xbox platform.

Visions Of Mana is expected to release in summer (Q3) 2024 on the PS4, PS5, PC (Steam, Microsoft Store) and Xbox Series X|S.

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