New Trailer For Steep, More Extreme Sports Action In The Alps

Ubisoft has now made a name for “open-world” games, which can be great or mediocre in most of its titles. But going to a genre which had massive presence in previous generations of consoles and then suddenly gone, that is snowboarding, is a bold step. One of the best arcade snowboarders, SSX 3, had this cool feature where the mountains in the game is all connected and can be traversed in several routes. Steep ran with this idea, taking a huge range of the Alps free to explore and add in not just add skiing, but paragliding and wingsuit gliding.

While we can’t say it’s any good yet, but Steep’s existence as a AAA game is a breath of fresh air from all the games of the same genre and similar mechanics. Here’s the new trailer for Gamescom:

Suprisingly, Steep is set to release on December 2 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game just got revealed at E3 this year so no need to wait too long before getting your hands with it. You can also sign-up for the beta test here.

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