New Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Trailer Shows You Can Drive Normally And Obey Traffic Rules

In almost all open world games, the most liberating thing you can do is drive without care for traffic rules. But the racing game fans, and car enthusiasts should be excited with how Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is handling its open world fantasy.

The new trailer, The Cruiser Trailer, shows you walking in an Italian car showroom, inspect an Alfa Romeo 8C Spider, and then purchasing one. The purchasing option lets you pick not only a car’s exterior colour (with official names, so that’s not red on the 8C, that’s not white, but Bianco) as well as its interior colours and rims. The UI suggests that some of the options can add more to the window sticker price for that extra touch of realism.

And yes, there’s an option to take the car for a test drive, name checks out.

(Also, this whole bit also confirms Alfa Romeo to be available in the game at launch, unlike Forza Horizon 5 which had to add them post-launch.)

Most of trailer than shows the Alfa being driven in an orderly manner, on the right side of the road (or rather left, as this in Hong Kong which drives on the left-hand side), under speed limits, stopping at red lights and having the signal/indicators on before turning or overtaking. That one overtaking maneuver around a windy road was done on a double-line, which isn’t allowed though. But at least the indicators are used.

The Alfa does get hooned out at one part of the trailer, around the warehouse and industrial area where there is no traffic.

Also, you can lower down the windows. And for convertibles like this 8C Spider, you can remove the top.

If you just want to drive the coolest cars and not necessarily push it to the limits, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will let you indulge on that. We can be a tourist in this 1:1 recreation of Hong Kong Island, which should be a neat experience outside of the usual racing expected from this title, as shown in the previous big reveal.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will release sometime in 2024.

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