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New Tekken 7 Update Adds In More Customisation Options, Including Ridiculous Costumes

Is it Christmas already?


Tekken 7 will reach its 1-year anniversary as a console release soon, and to celebrate that, an update is coming on May 31st adding some content to the game. It is in the form of more customisation options.

Some of the new additions include new generic hairstyle options for female fighters, new metallic items sets, Story mode costume sets which includes a hooded Jin and Nina in her black suit soon in the Story mode, more New Japan Pro Wrestling T-Shirts, more character panels and of course, Christmas Swimsuits. These swimsuits comes in both the sexy (bikinis for the ladies) and ridiculous options- a Christmas-themed Fundonshi like Paul is rocking one in the featured image.

The update will be free to all and will arrive on May 31st for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Via TekkenGamer