New Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo Coming To All Platforms, Available For A Very Limited Time

Resident Evil Village, the eight main entry to Capcom’s survival horror series, will be getting a new demo.

Unlike the last demo, all platforms will get a taste of this one. Though folks on PlayStation platforms get a little extra.

The Resident Evil Village gameplay demo will be playable from May 2, 8AM to May 3, 7.59AM (+8 GMT). Yes, that’s a short one-day period. And you’re also limited in play-time too.

You have 60-minutes of playtime, and the demo will include two playable areas – the village and the castle. You can either split the playtime to try both locations, or go all-in on one location. If you complete them with enough time to spare, you can still replay the demo until the one-hour time is finished.

For PS4 and PS5 players, you get early access to the demo, dubbed 8 Hours In Village. You can play the same gameplay demo, but with the two locations limited to a 30-minute timer each. You also get access to that 60-hour gameplay demo as well (it will use the same demo), so folks on PlayStation gets one extra hour worth of playtime here.

Availability of the 8 Hours In Village early access demo is as follows:

  • Village Section: April 18, 5PM – April 19, 12.59AM
  • Castle Section: April 25, 5PM – April 26, 12.59AM

You can pre-load the Resident Evil Village gameplay demo right now on PS4/PS5 (it’s out on PS Store Asia), while PC (Steam) and Xbox One/Series X|S players will have to wait until April 30, 8AM to pre-load it.

The Resident Evil games have done limited-time demos like this before, but this is the first to have platform-specific bonuses.

Resident Evil Village will be out on May 7 for the PS5, PS4, PC (Steam), Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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