New Resident Evil 7 Trailer Shows More First-Person Horror

Resident Evil 7 biohazard was a surprise reveal back at E3. A mainline Resident Evil game that tries to innovate itself by going to a first-person experience. Capcom just released a new trailer for the game, and instead of footage that was essentially the E3 demo, or “The Beginning Hour” that is not part of the main game, this trailer shows you parts of the game, that will all be set in a mansion ground somewhere in Lousiana, a state in the US that has bayous and swamps.

Just a head’s up: prepare for jump scares.

On the Playstaion Blog, this video is part of a videotape found footage, a similar thing that appeared in The Beginning Hour, implying that the Resi 7 will switch perspectives once in a while by handing control of the found footage sections.

Resident Evil did a major game mechanic change with Resi 4 to critical acclaim. Will the switch to first-person horror, where indie games like Outlast claimed success, be lightning striking twice for the series?

We will soon find out as Resident Evil 7 biohazard releases on the PS4 and PC on January 24.

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