New PS5 “Slim” Available In Malaysia Starting February 20

The new, refreshed PS5, colloquially referred as the PS5 “Slim“, will arrive in Malaysia starting February 20.

This includes the PS5 and the disc drive-less PS5 Digital . The PS5 will retail at RM2,499 while the PS5 Digital will be at RM2,069. Essentially, no price change compared to the original PS5 (which had a price hike two years ago).

Unlike the original launch PS5 Digital console, the PS5 Digital “Slim” can be upgraded with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive sold separately for RM529.

That does mean purchasing a PS5 Digital and a disc drive separately will cost more down the line, but it’s nice that it’s an available option.

The PS5 “Slim” is 30% smaller than the original chunky monolith. And this redesign also means that there are now new PS5 console covers available in Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue, and Sterling Silver. These cost RM259 each. And they are not compatible with the original launch PS5.

Also, the PS5 “Slim” will only have a horizontal stand included, with the vertical stand sold separately for RM149. The original PS5’s included stand was ridiculously engineered to be able to be both a vertical and a horizontal stand, so this is a slight bummer.

However, both variants of the PS5 “Slims” come with 1TB of storage- more than the oddly-specific 825GB of internal storage the original PS5s.

For those holding out from buying a PS5, looks like now’s a good time. We are now far away from the dark days of PS5s not being in limited availability purchased through scalpers. And there are games to play on the console including Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Helldivers 2 and the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which is a PS5 exclusive on launch.

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