New Persona 5 Gameplay Video Showcases Improved Persona Fusions

Atlus USA released a new brief gameplay trailer showcasing Persona 5’s Velvet Room, a recurring venue in the series that primarily facilitates the growth of your Personas. Persona is the alter-ego being attached to certain people- think Jojo’s Stand powers and you’re not far off. The main character has the ability to wield multiple Personas that can be switched at any time, thus the Velvet Room gives you the tools to grow them by fusing and summoning back old Personas as the game progresses.

One big new improvement is the ability to pick what skill to inherit when doing a Persona fusion- this should save a lot of time from save scumming hoping the right skills are inherited when fusing two Personas together. You could also feed a Persona into another or add a new skill if you have the items for it.

But like each Persona game, there’s a theme to how the Velvet Room portrays itself. This time it’s a prison, and all those Personas will go through some horrible punishments to grow stronger. Decapitation by guillotine, hanging and electrocution were depicted.


Check the trailer below:

Persona 5’s English release is set to release on April 4 in the US. The Chinese version of the game is now up for pre-order on Playstation Store Asia. No confirmation of the English release here just yet, but there’s a high chance we will see it coming here given Yakuza 0, published by Atlus’ parent company Sega, was released in English in Asia very closely to the US and Europe release early this year.

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