New Overwatch Patch Live On PC, Bringing Ana, Buffs, and Competitive Mode Changes

This is not a drill. The latest 1.1 update to Overwatch has just hit the live servers. Several changes were tested in the Public Test Region, though only some made it out to the live servers.

Ana Amari the support sniper is the main highlight of the update, as she is now available to play.

Major buffs to Zenyatta the glass cannon monk as now he has more shields, making him less glassy and can survive longer in team fights. D.Va can now unironically scream “NERF THIS!” as her ultimate just got a well needed buff- shorter time to self-destruct from 4 to 3 seconds, cannot be killed by her own ult, and a major rework to her Defence Matrix ability. She can now be a frontline tank!

McCree’s slight buff, an increase range before damage falloff, will make you fear the cowboy again. Mercy’s damage boost buff did not make it, only having her ult charge rate to be slower and changes to her mobility when using her Resurrection ultimate.

Besides the balance, several tweaks to the Overtime mechanic so it is less exploitable and one hero limit for Competitive play.

You can check out the full patch notes here. No word on when the update will hit the consoles, but it will arrive soon.

If you love Ana and wanted to know about how she was conceived during the design process, developers Blizzard will have a panel over at the San Diego Comic Con on July 21st talking all about it.

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