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New Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch Improves Cinematics And Rebalances Combat


Another Mass Effect: Andromeda update just dropped today. Patch 1.06 may not bring in drastic improvements seen in update 1.05, but this patch is more notable for the rebalancing of the combat for multiplayer. Bioware dedicated a seperate blog post just to talk about the balance changes, which essentially bring up all power’s base damage and buffing several assault rifles, pistols and shotguns to keep up with the fast-paced combat the multiplayer demands, especially in harder difficulties. You can check out the full list of changes for multiplayer here.

As for single player content, most of it are bug fixes and several quality of life changes (new dialogue won’t be greyed out) and some improvements to the cinematics, particularly the opening hours. Owners of the Deluxe or Super Deluxe Edition will get additional cosmetics as well.  Full list of changes can be found here.

It will be a long while until we see another Mass Effect as rumours are the series will be on hiatus. For now, it’s good to see more updates adding the polish Andromeda desperately needed, though we won’t know how long will this keep up. Mass Effect: Andromeda isn’t a totally terrible game, the third-person shooter aspect of the game is fun but the lost of its quality writing the series is known for and its lack of polish severely impacted the experience, as per our review.