New Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay Shows It’s Not Just A Cover Shooter Anymore

Of all the three Mass Effect games so far, the second one has to be the defining one. It brings the combat from a slightly clunky third-person shooter with no requirement of precision aiming- RPG stats affected those- to a more streamline and effective third-person shooter with cover mechanics. But by the third game the solid combat feels a bit too.. boring. Go to room after room of baddies filled with appropriately placed cover and shoot them out.

Mass Effect: Andromeda promises to bring more variety to the shooting by giving you tons of more options. The mobility from the jumpjets which allow you to jump up above, and zoom a bit in any direction before setting down, preferably with a ground stomp, proves interesting. Cover can be made artificially as the places showcased are a bit more open and have less cover. Like the 2 minute of gameplay shown at CES, we again get to have another look of the classes which can be switched on the fly. We also see some new properties of weapons based on who made them, an interesting way to have weapon variety. Some of the abilities have been revamped too, it seems. Biotics can pull and push an enemy in one ability.

Check out the trailer below:

Mass Effect: Andromeda is inching closer to its March 21 release, and we still very little of the game so far. Mass Effect fans should already be hyped already, but those on the fence should wait if any of these changes make the game worth playing.

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