New Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay Showcases Its More Fluid Class System

As the release date inches closer, now we see more gameplay footage for Mass Effect: Andromeda. It’s another combat showcase that’s highlight what’s new in this latest release.

In the original Mass Effect trilogy, you’re locked between six different classes revolving around three different skill types: combat, tech and biotic. Some classes focuses on one kind of ability only (Soldier is a combat-focused class) while some are hybrids between two classes (Infiltrator is a combat/tech hybrid). What this means is that each playthrough of previous games will lock you to a specific playstyle, like any classic RPG would do. Andromeda ditches that by making allowing your protagonist Ryder to switch classes (called “profiles” in-game) at any time.

You can have four preset of “favourite” loadout that you can customise and switch to in combat. Since the only limit you have is the amount of active ability you can have at one time, you can use these favourites to switch to different sets of abilities or different set of profiles to suit the situation. Now you can play it safe and long range as an Infiltrator than switch to a Vanguard profile for close-range combat with a few presses of buttons.

Also, the addition of one new profile, Explorer, fits into this more fluid class system. It’s basically the jack-of-all-trades profile with all three different skill types available.

Additionally, the video shows off all six companions that you can bring along in missions. The companions will serve the same functions like in previous games where their abilities can be combo with your own to set up big damage.

Here’s the video:

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to release on PS4, PC and Xbox One on March 21.

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