New Job Postings Suggests Io Interactive Working On A New IP

The Danish developers of Io Interactive managed to deliver one of the best Hitman games they ever made with a pretty risky business model. But it seems to pay off, as they are now looking to develop another IP, as suggested by a new job posting– which has now been edited. The original post is seen here on NeoGAF.

Interestingly, the project will involve using the Unreal Engine. While Unreal is a pretty standard go-to engine, it is notable since Io has their own proprietary engine they have been using in the recent Hitman titles, Glacier.

Aside from Hitman, Io had developed a few other IPs before: the criminally underrated squad shooter Freedom Fighters, the Kane & Lynch series and Mini Ninjas.

While Season 1 is now complete and on disc, Io is still pumping out content for the coming months. We have yet to hear a confirmation of a Season 2 just yet, but it’s safe to assume the studio will split up to support Hitman and developing a new title.

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