New Hunter Attack Helicopter, More Transform Races Coming To GTA Online

GTA Online has always maintained a huge diversity of vehicles to buy and drive around in. But for those who identify themselves as attack helicopter fans, this new update is for you.

The FH-1 Hunter attack helicopter is now available for purchase from Warstock Cache and Carry. It has a rocket barrage and gunner-operated turrets for your fellow friends to deal carnage from above.

Aside from the FH-1 Hunter, 16 more Transform Races have been added. Finishing the Transform Races from now until November 27 will net you double GTA$ and RP.

Logging in now until November 27 will also net you the white Jock Cranley jumpsuit free of charge, and discounts for the following items and cars:

  • Progen Tyrus (Super) – 25% off
  • Dewbauchee Rapid GT (Sports) – 25% off
  • Engine Upgrades – 25% off
  • Handling Upgrades – 25% off
  • Brakes – 25% off
  • Transmission – 25% off
  • Turbo – 25% off
  • Suspension – 25% off
  • Spoilers – 25% off

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