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New HQ Social Space In Call Of Duty WWII Lets You Can Win Prizes Watching Other Players Open Loot Boxes


Game Informer has some new details on how the HQ works in Call Of Duty WWII. Imagine the Tower in Destiny, the HQ is a social space, an instance of up to 48 players can hang out in a period-accurate camp. It is not just a hub to wait for matchmaking, but a space you can explore, interact with fellow soldiers and do a lot of things.

One peculiar feature is that you can open loot boxes here in HQ. Interestingly, you can also spectate other people open loot boxes and stand a chance to win prizes. How this will work is not clear, but the idea of rewarding people watching loot boxes can be a bit sleazy if you think about it. Surely looking at all the cool cosmetic stuff would entice you buying some for your own, right?

Anyway, it’s not all terrible. Some of things you can do is interesting. There’s a way to spectate Call Of Duty pro matches within the game- a good way to grow the pro scene like how Dota 2 has been doing. Then there’s a shooting range to try out weapons and challenge others in shooting challenges. Then there’s also the Pit. This is where you can fight 1V1 against someone else, with other people able to spectate the action. Winner stays on the Pit until they lose.

There will also be special events where everyone in the instanced HQ will need to defend the area.

You can catch the Game Informer folks discussing the features in HQ in this podcast snippet below:

Call Of Duty WWII will release on November 2 for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.