New Halo Infinite Campaign Trailer Shows Graphical Glow-Up And A Reminder It’s Still A Video Game

343 Industries’ Halo Infinite got a new trailer showing an overview of the campaign. After the lacklustre reveal with very rough graphics, the halo game of Microsoft’s first-party offerings got a whole year of delay. And from what we see here, it looks totally worth the extra time.

The trailer shows again parts seen from the previous trailer, giving us a comparison of how much it has improved. Better textures and lighting really helped the glow-up. And yes, old friend Craig, the meme of the horribly rendered Brute that appeared in the previous trailer, has a small nod.

But it’s not just all beauty shots however. You do get to see Master Chief do very much Master Chief things, things a player would mess do and see in a video game. Summoning a Wraith vehicle and it just clumsily drops down jankily because of video game physics. Master Chief saving the few remnants of UNSC soldiers, giving them a ride on the Warthog only for him to ride them off a cliff. You even see an upgrade seen, accessed mid-fight where Chief purchases the Thrusters.

Heck, you even see some nice usages of the new grappling hook Chief gets to use. One of them is something that Battlefield fans lost their minds when they saw it happen in the Battlefield 2042 reveal- killing the pilot of an aircraft, and then grappling into it to take control of the pilot seat yourself.

Still, from the looks of Halo Infinite’s new campaign overview, this really is an open-world Halo. The trailer keeps on insisting that it’s a “new era of Halo” but expect a lot of Far Cry-esque outpost clearing, which to be fair, was already hinted at in the initial reveal. The Halo campaigns always had open sandboxes for its combat encounters, maybe open world is the way to go?

As for the story, you get to see more of the Zeta Halo, which still looks to be predominantly a lush forest, and a new AI companion, the Weapon.

Halo Infinite will launch on December 8 for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam, Microsoft Store). The multiplayer mode will be free-to-play for all, whilst the campaign will be a regular purchase. The game will be on Xbox Game Pass day-1 of launch.

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