New Gran Turismo Sport Trailer Revealed, But No New Release Date Yet

If the rumours of a January release for Gran Turismo Sport to be true, it needed to be announced at Playstation Experience. We did see more GT Sport, and it’s looking really, really good so far. But no release date was given, just an assurance that it will be out next year. We thought this could be the quickest Gran Turismo to be released after announcements, but for fans, such delays are the norm.

But hey, the new trailer looks fantastic like what Gran Turismo also has been: it’s visually car porn. Take a look below:

Features like 4K, HDR and VR support was mentioned in the trailer, as earlier reported. Some of the footage features different time of days, including night racing, which is something new. The wait continues on until Gran Turismo Sport to arrive for the PS4 sometime in 2017.

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