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New God Of War Announced, New Setting, New Gameplay Style, Better Kratos


Sony’s E3 press conference kicked off with a boom.. of orchestral tunes. Which leads straight to some gameplay footage of the new God Of War, simply titled as God Of War.

While the new game still stars what it seems to be on older, wiser Kratos, the whole gameplay is a far cry from the over-the-top action, violence and set-pieces it was well known off. Instead, we see a very bearded Kratos taking presumably his son on a hunt, teaching some life lessons. You can still sense some anger within Kratos, but he’s now able to control it, and now spouting wisdom, like “Don’t be sorry, be better”. The setting also takes a change too. Instead of Greek mythology, this time we are seeing presumably Norse. Valhalla was mentioned, and the omega symbol on the God Of War logo changed to an ouroboros, a mythical creature that exists in both Greek and Norse mythology.

Gameplay-wise, it has a low-key vibe to it. Viewpoint is now gone to over the shoulder, and the banter between the two characters gives off a similar vibe to The Last Of Us. Combat is also slower and more deliberate.

Check out the gameplay reveal below:

No release window was given at the moment, so don’t expect the new God Of War to be available at the near future.