New God Eater Teased by Bandai Namco ??

My blood is surging down really fast moving through my veins to my brain trying to comprehend what is actually happening but I’m completely sure that I’m not dreaming. Plus, today is 31/3 and DEFINITELY NOT APRIL’s FOOL. The probability of this being a joke are 0%. As my beloved readers see the featured image of this article, yes, IT IS GOD EATER new game.  For those who didn’t know what is God Eater, I shall brief it in a sentence. God Eater is a hack and slashes open map Multiplayer RPG-style monster hunting game. Plus, right now, the previous release game which is God Eater 2 Rage Burst are on Pc platform in Steam. check it here.

Nuff chat, this is the new PV from Bandai Namco in G.E. projects.


After looking at those PV, and that sleek monster. AREN’T YOU GUYS HYPE ASWELL? Added note, the game will be release on unannounced date. FeelsBadMan

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