New Ghost Recon: Wildlands Trailer Appears, Showcases Hints of Gameplay

The big surprise of last year’s Ubisoft E3 press conference was a new title to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon. Ghost Recon has went through a lot of changes in gameplay style, from a slow, methodical FPS with an emphasis for planning and coordinating different teams, akin to an outdoors Rainbow Six of the 90’s, to a third-person cover shooter with more modern and advanced weaponry with, Advanced Warfighter and Future Soldier.

The latest entry, Wildlands, seems to taking the Ghost Recon name to another direction. Now it seems to be open-world, utilising different vehicles to traverse the different locales. Squad-based mechanics ala The Division is also present, though this will be a proper third-person shooter instead of being an RPG with third-person shooter elements.

Check out the trailer below:

No news of a release date just yet, but hopefully we will learn more about Ghost Recon Wildlands in the coming E3.

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