New Game+ Mode For Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Delayed Until Early 2024

Developers Insomniac Games has some news to share about the upcoming free update to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Looks like the update, which is bringing New Game+ mode as well as the accessibility setting Audio Descriptions, won’t be ready to be released by the year end as previously revealed.

“We have been working vigilantly on these features and require more testing to ensure the quality is up to our standards,” the post reads.

The free update is now targeting Early 2024 for release, and will also come with more fan-requested features including “the ability to change the time of day, swap tendril colors, and replay missions”.

Fellow PlayStation Studios game God Of War Ragnarok has released a free DLC that adds a rougelite mode (with a story component) recently.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is out now on the PS5. Check out our review of the game here.

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