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New Final Fantasy XV Update Adds New Game+


Final Fantasy XV just received its first proper post-launch update, clocking at 3GB in size. The main highlight here is New Game+. With the game having a short story (in comparison to other Final Fantasy- 20-40 hours of content is still considered a lot these days), getting a fresh new start with some carry overs is always welcome.

The things that are carried over to New Game+ are items, costumes, weapons, levels and skills from the Ascension. Upgradable weapons are not carried over, probably due to the nature that it is tied to quests. No Regalia Type-F from the start as well, again, probably due to quests. No change to enemy levels and difficulties however.

Aside from that, plenty of bug fixes are added though there are no specifics on which bugs were squashed. Those that reported in bugs- hopefully this will fix some of your woes. Lastly, one small addition is the ability to add photo frames for pictures Prompto takes.

The update should already be live now. Another additional update should come soon as well that will feature content for Season Pass owners.

We have reviewed Final Fantasy XV, and impressed by what the end product is. “Despite its big flaws, Final Fantasy XV managed to impressed me and delivered a great experience”. Check it out in full here.