New Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Info Drop Reveals How Yuffie And Cait Sith Fight

Square Enix released a new info drop for the upcoming action RPG Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The info drop explains how these two party members, which will join the party for the first time in Rebirth, will play when you directly control them: the spunky Wutai ninja Yuffie and the cat with a moogle mount Cait Sith.

Yuffie’s playstyle should be familiar to those who played the Intermission DLC on Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. She can strike quickly at close range with her throwing star, and her ATB bar charges faster than any other party member due to how fast she can land hits. Yuffie can throw out her throwing star, which changes her normal attacks into “magic-infused ninjitsu”. The magic element can be switched, allowing her to exploit any elemental weakness this way.

For Rebirth, she can use the “Doppelgänger” ability to summon a clone of herself to attack in tandem. Something like, but not quite, like the Synergy ability she had in the Intermission DLC.

Cait Sith can fight on his own, sans his moogle pal. Whether he’s on the moogle or not, he has different attack movesets. Cait-Sith’s special Abilities can range from buffs to enemy attacks, but all relying on luck.

“Let’s Ride!” will get Cait Sith to ride on the moogle. While on the moogle, Cait Sith can pull a “Dropkick”. The moogle has its own Moogle Meter, and when charged can bring out buffs like “Defense!”. Truly a wildcard of a character.

All party members can pull off a Synergy Ability. For Yuffie and Cait Sith’s team-up attack, one of them is called Moogle Pinwheel where the two attack in tandem.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will see the party of Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith and Red XIII venturing beyond Midgar. All five of the previously seen characters will be playable alongside Yuffie and Cait Sith, which will join the party sometime in the game.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth should more-or-less follow the beats of the original Final Fantasy VII, up until the end of the original’s Disc 1. The physical release is in two discs with an install size of about 150GB and allegedly 100 hours of content. But just like Remake, Rebirth isn’t exactly a 1:1 retelling of the same story, so expect unexpected turn of events to happen in this second entry of a trilogy.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth releases on February 29 only on PS5.

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