New Developer Commentary Videos Shed More Detail Of Crimson Desert

Crimson Desert is the upcoming single-player game (with online elements) from MMO makers Pearl Abyss. The game was properly revealed at the Game Awards last week, and now the makers of Black Desert are sharing a bit more info through two developer commentary videos.

The first one has Executive Producer Daeil Kim going over the reveal trailer, sharing new information and added details to it. Some interesting new tidbits includes the following:

  • There will be a fishing mini-game
  • You will get to know more of protagonist Macduff’s band of mercenaries, with unique stories
  • There is a scene of a younger Macduff in the trailer
  • Several combat moves are inspired by pro-wrestling and taekwondo
  • Enemies can drop weapons, and pick up weapons from the ground
  • There are puzzles to solve
  • Macduff can learn new skills and abilities- like lightning powers

The other is an overview of the game itself, with a few more developers talk about Crimson Desert in general.

Crimson Desert is still in development, so how many of these features being mentioned will remain in the final game remains to be seen. Still, this looks like a promising step-up for Pearl Abyss, and could be their big break into the mainstream gaming audience.

Crimson Desert is coming to PC and consoles in winter (end of the year) 2021.

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