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New Days Gone Trailer Showcases The Many Different Freakers That Roam The Open World


Days Gone, the open world, Ps4 exclusive action game by Bend Studio, has another new trailer building up to its April release. And this time, the focus is on the don’t-call-them-zombies Freakers.

These Freakers comes in various types. The normal Swarmers are the ones are that comes in huge numbers. Newts are described as “opportunists” that will attack when they have a clear advantage. Oh and they used to be kids, poor things. The Screamers, which should be self-explanatory.and the last one shown is the Breaker, a huge, lumbering… Freaker.

The trailer also explains more of the combat tools you have. Weapons can be scavenged from fallen human enemies or bought at camps which are better in quality. Crafting is in the game and so is stealth. How much the two plays into the overall game remains to be seen.

Days Gone will be out on April 26th. Pre-orders are now live on PS Store Asia.