New Cherry MX Speed Switch With Corsair’s New RAPIDFIRE Keyboards

The name Cherry is undoubtably a household name among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. Recently, Cherry announced their new addition to the Cherry MX keyswitch lineup with a new keyswitch called MX Speed. From the specs, MX Speed is apparently similar to to MX Red switch in terms of feel and actuation force but with a shorter actuation distance. Whereas MX Red and other switches require 2mm of actuation distance (the point where the keypress is detected), MX Speed only requires 1.2 mm making it the shortest and fastest switch to actuate in Cherry MX lineup. MX Speed is targeted for gamers that can take advantage of the fast action keypresses prevalent in games especially in the competitive gaming scene.

As with the Cherry MX RGB switch launch in the past, Corsair have signed a 6-month market exclusivity to the MX Speed switches. In no time after Cherry’s announcement, Corsair launched their new lineup of RAPIDFIRE gaming mechanical keyboards featuring the MX Speed keyswitches.

  • K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE – US$169.99 (approximately RM664)
  • K70 RAPIDFIRE (non-RGB with Red LED) – US$149.99 (approximately RM586)
  • K65 RGB RAPIDFIRE – US$149.99 (approximately RM586)

Feature-wise, the new RAPIDFIRE keyboards still feature excellent features from past Corsair keyboards in terms of build quality, customization and software support. With the new Cherry MX Speed, Cherry just strengthened their market share with product specifically catered to gamers which have been approached aggressively by the likes of competitors like Logitech/Omron Romer-G, Steelseries QS-1 and Razer’s custom Kailh switches.

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