New Black Panther Game In The Works At New EA Studio

EA has announced not only that they are working with Marvel Games to develop an original, third-person, single-player game based on Black Panther, but the development of which will be done under new EA studio Cliffhanger Games.

Clifhanger’s mission with this new Black Panther game, title unannounced but we won’t be surprised if it’s simply called “Marvel’s Black Panther”, is “to build an expansive and reactive world that empowers players to experience what it is like to take on the mantle of Wakanda’s protector, the Black Panther.”

Cliffhanger is led by Kevin Stephens, previously VP and studio head at Monolith Productions, the development team behind Middle-earth: Shadow Of War and Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor. Current talents under Cliffhanger include veterans with experience in developing Halo Infinite, God of War, Call of Duty and other titles.

“We’re dedicated to delivering fans a definitive and authentic Black Panther experience, giving them more agency and control over their narrative than they have ever experienced in a story-driven video game. Wakanda is a rich SuperHero sandbox, and our mission is to develop an epic world for players who love Black Panther and want to explore the world of Wakanda as much as we do,” said Stephens.

A superhero game with a AAA budget is now typical these days, EA also has Motive working on an Iron Man game right now. Though the selling point of making a story-driven game be reactive to player action sounds intriguing.

Nothing else about the game is shown, and the announcement post includes job openings at Cliffhanger which include roles across the US and Canada. So this news is less about promoting the Black Panther game as it is promoting a recruitment drive.

Still, it’s interesting to see how EA is now the publisher with a couple of Marvel games in the works.

Source: EA

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