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New Arcade Off-Road Racer Gravel Now Out On PS Store Asia

There's a racing game called Dirt, Asphalt, and now Gravel, what's next?


The developers of the official WRC Rally and MotoGP games has a brand-new game released recently. It’s an off-road arcade (or rather, simcade) racer called Gravel. Featuring various licensed cars, including the classic Toyota Celica, Lancia Stratos and other interesting picks including the Toyota Hilux and a Porsche 911 rally car, Milestone’s latest game takes the over-the-top presentation seen in Dirt 2 and brings its own twist to the mix.

The game was out on the PS4, PC and Xbox One on February 27th, you can even find physical copies in local stores, albeit in R2 discs. It has only been released on PS Store Asia today.

Check out the trailer below:

Don’t expect this to blow you away, but if you’re in the market for a simple, casual racer, Gravel might be something you are looking for. It is RM210 on PS Store Asia.