NeuroSlicers Is An RTS With Deck-Building Where You Do Less Micromanaging, Now In Alpha

NeuroSlicers is an upcoming RTS game by UK-based indie devs Dream Harvest. It’s a post-cyberpunk-themed RTS but does not stick to your usual RTS conventions.

For one, you don’t micromanage your units. You still need resources and have to build them, but the units are all AI-controlled.

What you have to worry about is the base building aspect. You’re not locked to the tech tree of a faction, as you can evolve and upgrade units (scripts as it’s called in-game) based on two faction tech tree. You’re free to pick and choose from either trees. How it works? Like a deck builder.

NeuroSlicers is aimed for the mid to hardcore RTS fans. The game has esports already in mind, so expect a balance play field, or patches that will make sure it’s balanced. All abilities are available on each match, so the most competitive matches are based on skill only.

The game is currently in alpha, which features the following content:

  • First of two Solo Campaign missions set within ‘the Construct’
  • 1v1 and 2v2 Competitive PVP with Ranking system
  • Escalation PvPvE, which ramps up the difficulty as players get better at the game
  • Fully voiced cast of characters each with Contracts to complete
  • Script (Units, Turrets and Powers) levelling and customisation for the Solo and PVPVE modes
  • 12 upgradable Scripts (Units, Turrets and Powers) and 2 Faction Tech paths to choose from, each with a whole set of Node Buildings that completely change the gameplay

You can get in the alpha for NeuroSlicers by hopping on to their Discord server here. NeuroSlicers will launch in 2021 on PC.

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