Need For Speed Heat Lets You Customise How Ridiculous Your Car’s Exhaust Sounds Are

Need For Speed Heat is doubling down on the racing series’ biggest strong point- car customisation. And Ghost Games have added one neat new addition to this- customisable exhaust sounds.

It’s a bit superfluous for the uninitiated, but if you are a petrolhead, this is something you would love. In addition to the unique engine sounds from the hundreds of different cars, but now you can tweak them a bit as well through how the exhaust sounds.

There are four sliders to mess around with, but the one you’re most likely looking for is for ‘overrun’. Pushing that all the way to ‘raw’ and you’ll get those popping noises and flames spouts after revving a car. And yes, you can now just rev the car while customising it in the garage. Have a look at GameRiot’s video which displays the exhaust sound customisation in action:

Most of the customisation options from Need For Speed Payback, including visual parts, stance and livery editing returns, with more options than ever. You can even start doing some car customisation already via the NFS Heat Studio app right now, available on iOS and Android. Cops are not the stripped-down version from Payback, plus loot boxes and the controversial Speed Cards are not returning.

Need For Speed Heat will be out on November 8th for the PS4, PC (Origin) and Xbox One.

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