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Need For Speed 2015 Will Receive No More Future Updates, New Game Next Year


Well, this is a bummer.

In the latest Under the Hood post on the Need For Speed website, developers Ghost Games announced that last April’s update to the game will indeed be the last one for the 2015 reboot. The post brought up some infographics of the game, before dropping that they are stopping any more updates to focus on the next Need For Speed coming in 2017.

This would’ve been great news for fans of the series, but looking back at the state of Need For Speed 2015 even after all the updates, the game is still not in good shape. Issues with its handling model are left unaddressed, fans asking for more content and content that was promised earlier (like neons) and many more frustrations.

However, the updates that arrived do address a lot of issues. Manual transmission was added, a more robust photo mode, more customisation parts, more garage spaces, a proper multiplayer mode in the form of speedlists, more events and improvements to the powerful wrap editor. All the things that were added have significantly made the game better than it was at launch, and most of them are made based on fan feedback. A commendable effort by Ghost.

Yet it just goes to show that Need For Speed 2015 was just not good enough right off the gate.

Wherever they would take Need For Speed in the upcoming sequel, here’s hoping these mistakes will not be carried over. Better have a properly developed game with some paid DLC on the side rather than a mediocre one that has “free DLC” to fix all the issues.

At least we have to commend The Crew, another racer that isn’t as good at launch, but still commits to monthly updates, bug fixes and new features.