Need For Speed 2015 Coming To PC With Unlocked Framerate, Manual Transmission

Need for Speed™_20160204081341

To be frank, Need For Speed 2015 was an underwhelming game on launch, to put it lightly. It has the potential to be at least a decent game, but was held back by terrible game design and a lot of unfinished features. It made a lot of sense why developers Ghost Games decided not to plan any DLC but giving it away for free: the game doesn’t feel like a complete package. Charging for DLC would bring a lot of backlash.

But over the months, the game has received substantial updates, from having a mini-series of events to compete with Eddie, the main dude you’re up against back in Need For Speed Underground, to a pretty decent photo mode (That feature image above is taken in-game by yours truly). Ghost Games may redeem themselves if they keep up the pace, and the PC version reveal is another step in the right direction.

It was announced last year that the PC version was delayed so that it can be a better PC port, one feature of such is to unlock the framerate. The previous entry of Need For Speed, Need For Speed Rivals, the logic was bound to the hard-locked 30fps, which made many PC players, especially YouTuber TotalBisuit who is not fond of this practice. Now we have a locked date for the release: March 15.

This trailer should be indicative that the PC port is looking spiffy -in 60 fps or more- as promised. However, the biggest surprise here is that they are actually including steering wheel and other peripheral support, as well as the much requested manual transmission. Plenty of vocal fans, especially on reddit, who have heavily requested this basic function to be in the game. This should make many people happier.

Also, to the window….to the wall!

Yes, the manual transmission and steering wheel support will eventually come to the console versions as well. But if you’re planning to pick up the PC version, it is, like any EA games nowadays, bounded exclusive to Origin. Speaking of which, they are still offering Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 for free.

Have you played Need For Speed 2015? What do you think of it? Sound off in the comments below.

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