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NBA Basketball Team Philadelphia 76ers Bought e-Sports Teams Dignitas and Apex


With e-sports generating huge crowds and an ever increasing potential for revenue, even conventional sports teams are looking to get into e-sports. With the younger generation being more glued to e-sports tournaments rather than normal sports nowadays, it is a given to see some big names dipping in. Football teams have now sponsored e-sports players for FIFA, like Manchester City and West Ham United had, while some even ventured into other games: FC Shalke used to have a League Of Legends team.

But the NBA basketball franchise Philadelphia 76ers have acquired two big e-sports team. Team Apex has a decent League Of Legends, currently playing in the North America LCS (League of Legends Championship Series). Team Dignitas is the bigger team, with rosters in games such as CS:GO, SMITE, Heroes Of The Storm and Overwatch. Their Heroes roster is one of the best in North America while their Overwatch team is still considered one of the top teams in Europe.

This acquisition will see Team Apex fold into Team Dignitas, with Team Apex General Manager Micheal Slan now being the Vice President and General Manager of Team Dignitas, whereas Micheal O’Dell will serve as President.

This is the first e-sports investment being done by an NBA team, but several former players and individuals have made the same move before. Shaquille O’Neal, the legendary player, is investing in NRG eSports, a team co-owned by owners of the NBA team Sacramento Kings.

With bigger names emerging into e-sports, it is a sign that big money can be made here. Hopefully this means better support to sustain the players involved.

(Fun fact: Team Dignitas Overwatch player Bromas is known for his love of Soldier 76. Now he is playing on team owned by the 76ers.)

Header Image Source: Daily Dot