Nacon Announces Endurance Motorsport Series, Includes Le Mans Hypercar In Teaser

Nacon has announced a new racing series during their latest Nacon Connect, with a teaser trailer that includes silhouettes of cars that are staples to the world of Endurance Racing.

Endurance Motorsport Series is the latest racing title in the works from the folks at KT Racing (who are still diligently working on the new Test Drive game), that sees players experience the game not only as a driver, but also in the pits as a racing engineer, perhaps in the vein of the Spec-B races like in the older Gran Turismo games.

According to their steam page, players will have a selection of the best Hypercars, LMP2 and GT from the major car manufacturers to play with, so we might be getting a direct rival to the recently released in Early Access title Le Mans Ultimate, only this one won’t come with the official license, making it sorta of a throwback to the olden days of racing games, when one series might get two or more titles that are related.

And by the looks of the trailer, we got a pretty good tease of both Porsche 963 LMDH and Porsche 911 GT3R, so it looks promising so far.

Other than that, Endurance Motorsport Series won’t be out until 2025 for PS5, PC and Xbox Series X|S, so stay tuned on this one.

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