Mullet Madjack Review – Tick Tock Shooter

Get going! You have the timer of life on you and it keeps ticking down faster, so get to gunning and slashing your way to the top, or at least trying to.

Mullet Madjack is one of those games where the aesthetic just fits the gameplay loop like a glove, and having played it during one of the previous Steam Next Fest, it’s no surprise that the main game lives up to its expectations rather well.

So, how’d it do? 


The moment you boot up the game for the first time, you’ll be greeted with an amazing 90s anime cutscene that feels like one you might have seen on social media (or watch if you’re as old as me), with the colors and shading jazz that makes the transition to gameplay much more fluid when you start on the first level. 

I do like how the story also integrates both the menus and UI designs with their own version of a Twitch chat infinitely scrolling as you complete each level, making you feel like you’re the main contestant this week, kinda like that one movie that has Gerard Butler in it with the same premise.

And the dialogue all around the game by both our handler and main protagonist feels campy as all heck and has that RoboCop in-universe ads influenced all over it, which I approve of, as it’s just silly fun as you race against the 10-sec clock to your doom.


The blurb on the game’s Steam page is the best description of what you’ll be getting into Mullet Madjack: “Your HEALTH is TIME, You must KILL to get more TIME”. 

It’s the quintessential example of the current great run of indie First Person Shooters that you can discover right now, with how it plays a bit like Quake with how you can be accurate in the shooting whilst also strafing to get the best angle for your kills.

It also does takedown kills with melee weapons you find scattered around the place, and just like the current generation of Doom, it helps to get back your time (aka fully health yourself) and for what it’s worth, its core gameplay loop is impeccable.

And with each stage complete, the game also doubles duty as a Roguelite as well, where you can also pick and choose your upgrades to make your battles harder and perhaps lose it all when you inevitably die, which resets you back to one, though not as punishing as it’s peers with how easy you can get back up to where you left off.

The bosses in the story mode of the game are quite interesting in action, where some of them do aerial attacks, while others need specific targeting as you try to dodge their attacks. It’s quite a challenge if it’s your first go-around but knowing the patterns nailed down can be crucial too, and they also have some twists done as well that I won’t spoil here, but it’s a good way to subvert the bosses too.


The game, if you look at it figuratively from the completion time, it’s quite short with you being able to literally blast through the story mode on Normal at around 3 to 5-hour marks, with mistakes and having to redo levels. But really, it’s such a fun romp that I wouldn’t mind finishing it in one sitting and then coming back later on in the year, and just vibing around the Endless Mode, kinda like how I would do with my yearly check-ins with another fellow indie Shooter, Ultrakill. And that’s quite all right.

Personal Enjoyment

Playing Mullet Madjack is one of those games that I’ll classify as “games that I would go to let some steam off” as its quick and easy mechanics do lend themselves quite well to some nice short bursts of boomer shooting goodness.

It charmed me over during its original demo and I do like how the dev team at HAMMER95 does up the ante in the coolness of the game whilst also being campy as all heck. It’s this sort of game I wouldn’t mind giving to friends as a gift during a sale of sorts. 


Mullet Madjack is the fast-paced Indie Shooter you’ll need to try out this year with all the bells and whistles of the game singing in harmony. So strap in, get your guns out, and get to the finish in 10 seconds or less.

Played on PC, Review copy provided by Publisher.


Mullet Madjack

A fast-paced Indie Shooter you’ll need to try out this year with all the bells and whistles of the game singing in harmony.

  • Presentation 9.5
  • Gameplay 8
  • Content 8.5
  • Personal Enjoyment 9

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