Motorcycle Sim Rig Moto Trainer Supports The Official MotoGP Game, Requires An Actual Motorcycle

Racing sims are a common sight these days. The multi-monitor or wide-monitor setups with a rig, driving seat, steering wheel and pedals are standard stuff that even pro racing drivers have one and do virtual racing.

But what about motorcycles?

For you bike enthusiasts out there, there is an equivalent. Moto Trainer is a motorcycle (or motorbike) simulator that requires you to hook up an actual bike. It’s mostly a rig where you attach your bike on. The way you use it is to follow along an onboard lap video- matching the video’s turning and brake and gas pedal inputs.

The primary function of Moto Trainer, as the name implies, is for training. There are video capture for on-board laps and telemetry capabilities that you can use for review and see where you can shave off a few tenths of a second or more.

But that’s not all, Dorna Sports, the promoter for top-flight motorcycle racing world championship MotoGP, has announced that their official MotoGP game (developed by Milestone) can be linked with Moto Trainer.

So with a copy of MotoGP 20, the Moto Trainer sim rig and your own motorcycle set up, you can (virtually) ride in all the MotoGP tracks around the world, including in Sepang, Malaysia.

Moto Trainer isn’t cheap, however. The basic package starts at 4,900 EUR (around RM24,107) with the top-end package which includes a dedicated PC priced at 14,900 EUR (roughly RM73,296). Not something anybody can just get in.

But hey, at least we now know that motorcycle sims (and a very expensive way to play MotoGP) do exist, with Moto Trainer.

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