MotoGP 22 Races To April Release With Better Handling Tweaks And A Challenge Series

Milestone games has been running along nicely with their latest MotoGP title, as they announced the latest game with a trailer and release date that’s just weeks away.

One of the neat new features of the 2022 game is that the availability of the Ride Height Device, an actual thing in that Motoring series, where you can get the perfect start launch or corner exit when you time the usage for better acceleration and handling. Kinda like F1’s DRS in a way but for bikes.

Not to mention that they will also include a challenge series where you can recreate one of MotoGP’s iconic season, the 2009 one, and you stepping in onto the rides of legends like Jorge Lorenzo or the recently retired Valentino Rossi within all of the tracks and bikes liveried with what they had during that season.

All of this packaged with a surprisingly affordable pricing compared to it’s motorsports rivals (looking at you F1), MotoGP 22 looks set for a pretty good racing title when it launches on April 21st for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, along with PC and the Nintendo Switch.

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