MotoGP 19 Game Announced With An Oddly Vague Trailer

Words. Go. Really fast.

Developers Milestone just announced their new, annual MotoGP game. MotoGP 19 will come what you would expect from a title refresh- all the current team, riders and circuits of the MotoGP calendar.

But the oddly vague trailer uses so many words delivered at breakneck speeds with splices of Microsoft Narrator voices and… memes. Of all things.

So, we listed down some of the keywords being shown, which are the new features for this year’s motorcycle simulator:

  • Debut of MotoE, the electric, bike category
  • Historical challenges inspired from past seasons including historical riders
  • Neural AI- AI riders that use machine learning to adapt and be better than you
  • Dedicated servers for multiplayer
  • The developers are listening to the community

Also, the official news also mentioned the Race Director Mode, which sounds like private lobbies with custom rulesets that can be customised.

The wait won’t be long, as MotoGP 19 will be out on June 6th for the PS4, PC (Steam), Xbox One. It will also be on Nintendo Switch at a later date.

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