Mortal Kombat XL Now Available On PC For RM75

It finally arrives. Mortal Kombat X has been receiving poor support on PC, like most Warner Bros. game (*cough* Arkham Knight *cough*) but developers NetherRealm Studios sought to get the game to be feature parry to the consoles before moving on with their next brawler: Injustice 2. A beta test has been conducted a few months back testing out a new netcode that uses rollback- a definite standard for a solid netcode in a fighting game these days.

Now, you can get Mortal Kombat XL, the bundle that contains Mortal Kombat X and all the DLCs- Kombat Pack 1 and 2. The bundle right now is only RM75, with the base game now priced at RM56 on Steam.

Would there be more DLCs coming down the line? Probably not, as the team is now moving to Injustice 2, which is only announced for Xbox One and PS4 so far. But at least NeatherRealm did the right thing for not leaving PC players hanging with an inferior version of the game. Mortal Kombat XL and the new netcode has been available for consoles last year, and had left a bad impression of an already scarred reputation of Warner Bros. as a publisher when it comes to PC ports.

The new netcode, and slew of updates are free for existing Mortal Kombat X players. Should you choose to get XL (both the Kombat Packs), it’s on sale for about RM25, so buy it as a bundle rather than piecemeal if you fancy having both Alien and Predator in the game and play out the ultimate match-up.

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