More Teases Of New Prey Content Hinting About The Moon

Oh, Yu

Prey 2017

More teases and hints are being dropped about what we surely believe to be new content, either a DLC or an expansion, for Prey. The 2017 immersive sim could use more love, as we find it to follow closely (maybe too closely) past games that bears the immersive sim moniker. Read our review here.

The latest hint is another tweet from the Prey official account. Notice the GIF having an ESRB rating, indicating that it may be a clip from an upcoming trailer, as before.

The folks at PC Gamer reported that there is a cryptic hint within the tweet. The capitalised letters can be rearranged to form the phrase “Good Morning Morgan”, the opening line of the game referring to protagonist Morgan Yu.

It will be interesting on how this new Prey content set its stage, consider the base game has a conclusive ending. It might be its own little side story, but it’s still hard to imagine how it will be inserted.

Again, we will have to either wait until Bethesda’s E3 press conference, or be surprised when the new content, whatever it is, be dropped soon.

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