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More Gameplay Revealed For Mass Effect: Andromeda


The next series of Mass Effect: Andromeda videos showcase the main gameplay loop- how the game will play out in the majority of the game. So far we have seen a bit of combat, now we see how the mission structure works.

Essentially, as one of the Pathfinders from the Milky Way, your task is to find habitable planets where you can establish your new colony here in the Helios cluster of the Andromeda galaxy. While there are hundreds of planets you can probe and examine from your ship, some of them will allow you to land and explore.

The mission structure on the planets are a bit looser this time, like how the original Mass Effect was and similar to Dragon Age: Inquistion, Bioware’s last game. Before this in Mass Effect 2 and 3, it has limited exploration and more about jumping into the combat sequences. In Andromeda, you get to explore a bit and move to several other hotspots on the planet with the vehicle. The missions and tasks you will have to do will influence the habitability of the planets.

Take a look at the trailer below:

Another look on another recently released trailer grounds the ¬†aspect of finding a new world in more lore. In the Helios Cluster, the Pathfinder team will encounter at least 7 different “Golden Worlds” that are suitable to colonise. But the team has to set down there and do some work before the rest of the Milky Way inhabitants can leave the Nexus and make a proper home in these planets.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is dead set for release on March 21 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.