Monster Hunter In Marvel VS Capcom Infinite Looks Awesome In Action

It’s a shame that Monster Hunter is a DLC character for Marvel VS Capcom Infinite, because she definitely oozes in flash and hype that is lacking from the most of the current roster. Unveiled in conjunction to Tokyo Game Show 2017, she is the first of the DLC characters, even ahead of Black Panther and Sigma that was announced months ago, to get a gameplay trailer.

Since Monster Hunter characters are customisable by players, what we got here is a female Monster Hunter who can utilise all sorts of weapons, including bows, claws, and huge swords. She also has plenty of different supers at her disposal.

All the DLC characters, including Monster Hunter will be out before the end of 2017.

In other news, Monster Hunter: World has been announced for release on consoles early next year.

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