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Monkey King: Hero Is Back Game Coming Out On October 17th

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Monkey King: Hero Is Back is a Chinese-made animation film that was a big hit in 2015. Four years later, it’s getting a video game.

Monkey King: Hero Is Back The Game follows a similar plot-line to the movie. The boy named Jiang Liuer is in search of the returning Sun Wukong- the Monkey King- after disappearing for 500 years. The two of them, and the pig-person  Zhu Bajie, embarks on an adventure as Wukong gains back his powers.

The game plays like an action game, with you controlling Wukong. While the story follows the events of the film, there will be new stories or segments just for the game.

Monkey King: Hero Is Back is developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment and October Media, the company that did the CG animations of the movie. This is part of Sony’s China Hero Project that is aimed to bring out more Chinese-developed games to the market.

The game can be pre-ordered right now on PS Store Asia. Monkey King: Hero is back will be out on October 17th for the PS4 for RM169 both digitally and in physical copy form.