Mini Motorways, Mini Metro Crossover Maps Now Available

Indie developers Dinosaur Polo Club celebrates 10 years of making games in the Mini series, their “Miniversary”, with three new maps for Mini Motorways and Mini Metro respectively.

These maps are crossover maps between the two games. For Mini Motorways, the three maps London, Mumbai and New York feature a new building type where vehicles drive to, the Railway Station. The station isn’t for metro trains, however, so the train tracks and incoming trains can induce a traffic jam if left unchecked and unmanaged in this traffic management sim/puzzler.

As for Mini Metro, the underground railway line sim/puzzler with the aesthetic of a metro map gets three maps: Tokyo, Warsaw and Lisbon. Mini Metro gets an all-new photo mode which includes the ability to add decorative frames and screenshot export, just like in Mini Motorways.

The maps were previously chosen from fan voting.

The Miniversary Update brings together two of these different, yet similar games. Games about bringing people from point A to point B.

The update is now live on all platforms.

Mini Motorways is available now on PC and Mac via Steam, Nintendo Switch and Apple Arcade.

Mini Metro is available now on PC and Mac via Steam, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

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