MicroProse Has Revealed Five Upcoming New Indie Games

We might have missed the memo because apparently, MicroProse is back, for a good while now.

The PC games publishing label famous for franchises like X-COM (with the dash), Grand Prix and various simulation games is in the business again, publishing indie games.

Microprose has announced five new games that the publisher has signed across a wide spectrum of genres.

First off is Neyyah. This is a first-person point-and-click adventure game by solo developer Aaron Gwynaire (under the dev studio name Defy Reality Entertainment).

Neyyah has you explore a remote collection of abandoned islands with portal machineries and traces of two different cultures. Neyyah definitely channels vibes of Myst.

You can wishlist Neyyah on Steam here.

Next Up is Let Bions Be Bygones. The “narrative future-noir thriller” by Bohemian Pulp features professional voice acting, an original soundtrack, and lets you do detective work and pick your own path which leads to different endings.

If you want more of that vibe from Chinatown Detective Agency, Let Bions Be Bygones should be placed under your radar.

Let Bions Be Bygones has a Steam page up here.

CrossOver: Roll for Initiative is a match-3 puzzler, tower defence, and also an RPG? The dice of many shapes and face counts are your match-3 blocks, and your tower is the character sheet that you must defend.

This wild crossover of genres by Gaterooze, Ink will include solo and co-op modes, persistent unlocks and other RPG-style progression systems.

CrossOver: Roll for Initiative has a Steam page here.

Drop is a roguelike hacking sim developed by Etherfield. In this cyberpunk world, you will be following through a story campaign to hack into various systems expressed in different mini-games.

The interface should be simple enough for keyboard and controller and the roguelike nature should allow you to tackle each problem differently, including allowing you to make different builds.

Drop’s Steam page can be found here.

Lastly, Tiny Football is a throwback to the old football games of the early ’90s, before the days of FIFA. The top-down, pixel-art rendition of the beautiful game channels a lot of Sensible Soccer vibes (or rather its predecessor MicroProse Soccer), but there’s more going on in the systems.

Each player has a skill level, there’s a randomness to your pass and shoots, so fluke goals and awful misses can happen, injuries and substitutions are a thing, and so are goal celebrations, player protests, extra time and penalties.

Tiny Football’s Steam page can be found here.

All five games have no release dates yet.

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