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Menat Is Another New Character Coming To Street Fighter V


Season 2 of Street Fighter V is promising all new characters never seen playable in the series to debut (except for Akuma). So far we got an interesting selection, from the gargantuan Abigail to the character with no motion moves Ed.

The latest one, revealed at the E-Sports Festival Hong Kong Street Fighter V tournament, is a little bit more pleasing to the eye.

As prior leaks suggest, the next character is Menat, a fortune teller first seen in Ed’s story mode. The nimble character utilises various crystal balls as a projectile and more importantly, to control space. She sure looks fun to play as if you really know what you’re doing.

Menat will make her way to the game in August 29 should everything goes to plan. She is available in the Season 2 pass, or as a separate DLC purchase, or bought via in-game currency.