Melatonin Is A Surreal Rhythm Game Of Your Dreams, Demo Coming This June

A rhythm game can be based on anything, so why not set it in your dreams? Developer Half Asleep’s debut game Melatonin is doing just that.

In Melatonin, you’re doing surreal activities on the beat. From jumping on a staircase of phones to hitting alarm clocks with a baseball bat, from swiping credit cards to playing a dream catcher.

All of this is paired with a bubblegum purple tint in all the hand-drawn artwork, possibly an allusion to the title (which seems to also tie with Half Asleep come to think of it), and chirpy, vibrant tunes.

Melatonin won’t bombard you with way too many interfaces or overlays, so Melatonin is more Rhythm Heaven than Guitar Hero. There will be audio and assist options for newcomers to the genre.

Melatonin will have a demo available in June on PC as part of Steam Next Fest. Melatonin is expected to release later this year on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) and Nintendo Switch.

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